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Top 5 Tips for Using Worksheets and Giving Tests to Students with ADHD

Students with ADHD can really benefit from well thought out worksheets, and from tests with modified structures. For example, many students with Attention Deficit Disorder do very poorly on timed tests but will do just fine on the same test without a time limit imposed.

"Usability" is essential. Just as web designers strive to make web sites fast, easy to navigate, and more user-friendly, teachers should strive to make their worksheets easy to understand, easy to navigate, and user friendly.

1. Use large type fonts to keep their attention and make the important points easy for the student to find.

2. Keep page format simple. o Include no extraneous pictures or visual destructors that are unrelated to the problems to be solved.

3. Use buff-coloured paper rather than white if the room's lighting creates a glare on white paper.

4. Write clear, simple directions. Underline key direction words or vocabulary or have the students underline these words as you read directions with them.

5. Draw borders around parts of the page you want to emphasize to enable draw their attention.

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