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Diary of a lockdown kid

Swathi Udipi, CBT Therapist, Linguaphile Skills Hub

Dec 10th 2019

My name is Adi. I am a 9-year-old boy.

My parents say I have moderate learning difficulties. I don’t know what that means. I find it difficult to read and write.

Dec 12th 2019

Today in school, b d p q looked very similar but they sounded very different. When I reverse the letters b d p q, I get confused.

Dec 14th 2019

In school my teacher said that + and x are different, I am confused! My teacher said x is repeated + then why do we need both? I am so confused…

Dec 15th 2019

I love to watch cartoons and T.V I find it very colourful, interesting and fun. I am happy with my routine. My school is not far, and I like going there. It’s a small school and all the teachers understand me. Some of them understand that I don’t understand b d p q…also + x…they try to help. I am happy. I have two very good friends.

Dec 20th 2019

Today in school we had drama, dance and games classes. I really liked them. It’s December and the end of the year. Mummy said when school closes we will be going on holiday.

Jan 1st 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, we went to the sea. We were hearing about some very bad virus. What is virus? Is it a bad thing? I was not worried about it. I was enjoying nature, the place and food.

Jan 2nd 2020

We came back from a wonderful trip. The news of the virus had still not reduced. My parents kept talking about it. Everywhere people were talking about it. The virus was spreading rapidly. I was enjoying my school with friends and going everywhere. I was playing, talking to people, not worried about anything. Mummy says the virus is already in India.

March 15th 2020

I did not write for the last month. Mummy says the virus is spreading at a faster rate. We were told to be careful but didn’t know for what reason. Then one day they said the schools are closed. We were all very happy and jumping with joy. No school and lot’s of playing is what we thought but the reality was different. I wasn’t allowed to go out much. Even if I did go out I had to wash my hands and legs after coming back. I would forget that. Mummy had to remind me constantly. They put up signs to help me remember. Then the government shut down everything completely which they called it Lockdown. I felt it was like a lockdown of my mind, my brain.

May 5th 2020

Everything is shut. I am not allowed to go out to play or meet anyone. We are all supposed to be at home. I cannot meet my friends or anyone. I am missing everyone. I feel lonely, I am missing that social interaction with everyone. I would get cranky and see if anyone would talk to me or play but no one.

May 10th 2020

I would start crying for small things. T.V and tab are my best friends and I am spending a lot of time with them. My father is at home most of the time and I am very happy but he was working from home. He would get busy and I would go look at his meetings and see his colleagues' names. I felt they were like my friends but that was not true.

May 15th 2020

Today I spoke to my mother’s colleagues. I would talk to them but not always I could do that. I had to go and play all by myself. It is getting tough for me. There is no routine. My parents would take me cycling or walk in the evening but that is not enough for me.

May 16th 2020

Mummy and daddy are doing their best to give me time but I have to understand that they also have work. I am confused, what to do…

July 10th 2020

I was not able to write for many days.

Slowly, my classes have started, they happen on my computer, not like in school classes which were one more new thing for me to learn. My friends ask questions in the middle and I wouldn’t understand anything. It is confusing.

July 12th 2020

In today’s class, I was lost in all the noise and distractions. Mummy sat in class to help me out. Every day I get a new link and a password for the link one more confusion to the ones already existing. During tests, I would get disturbed by the sounds around me. I couldn’t write faster and complete the paper but I would not give up and tried my best.

July 15th 2020

It is difficult to complete my notes in class but I am trying. All my friends can write fast but I can’t my hand starts paining. Before I would go to a place where they would make me do exercise for my hands, legs and posture but because of the virus, I can’t go there also. In that big confusion even I try to make my presence felt to the teacher by answering the questions or reading or just being there in class.

I hope that slowly we back to normal but I still miss my school, friends, my routine. I am slowly adjusting to the new normal where everything is new but not normal.

……………….To be continued.

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