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Specialist Academics And Curriculum Based On Strengths Of Student | Behavioural Management, Specialist Clinical Therapies | Assistive Technology | All In One Place





Learning Difficulty Identification, Psych-ed Assessments, Individual Education Plan, Customised Curriculum, Scaffolded Teaching, Progress Measurement, International Board Exam Preparation, Work Experience Opportunities, Career Counselling for Universities

We know that children with Special Education Needs are unable to study all subjects in a traditional school setting, hence they need curriculum flexibility and learning at their own pace along with regular bite - sized measurement to ensure progress checking. International boards such as IGCSE, Edexcel, GED allow customisation of subjects, hence a child can choose subjects based on their strengths.

Member of

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Specialist Early Intervention, Counselling and Guidance Services with State of the Art Tools and Methods

Linguaphile Caring Hands programme is aimed at parents, with children between the ages of 0 month to early Kindergarten who may have undiagnosed Special Education Needs. Our research shows that the earlier the interventions are available, the better academic development is possible for the child. We provide a wide range of services covering Parent Counselling and Training, Psych-Ed Assessments, Early Intervention Support and Care, Mommy - Corner and many more.

Clinical Therapies

Specialist assessments and counselling services for parents and students using latest state of the art variety of resources

Linguaphile Caring Hands, our in house counselling services caters to parents who need specialist, state of the art support for their children with Special Education Needs (SEN). We are delighted to offer the latest psychological testing tools suitable to the child as no single solution fits all. 

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