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The "Do's" And "Dont's" of Article Writing for IGCSE ESL

The recent syllabus requires candidate to write an article, report or review. So, before you start to write, make a short plan in the blank space below the question. Note: Examiners would appreciate your mind-map!

1. Think who is your audience. In most of the question the pattern says it is the school magazine. Your language, tone and vocabulary should reflect this. Do NOT write randomly without thinking about who would be your


2. Think whether your article will be one sided or two sided. If you have enough points to explain for both pros and cons then go for two-sided. Else stick to one sided points.

3. You need to provide a good introduction to the topic. Start with a general introduction stating the importance of the topic in the present world. Another style for introduction of a topic could be to ask a Rhetoric Question. To write a Rhetorical question, a statement can be made followed by a question. Rhetorical question can be to say the obvious, or to ask questions to get your audience to react or think. It is an effective style of persuasion! Example: Do you want to be a failure for the rest of your life?

4. For the Body of your essay, make three points and then elaborate your essay based on these three points. A few points are given on the question paper and you can use those. However, you are awarded higher points when you make your own points. For a two-sided argument, make three points for each side.

5. For Conclusion, use discourse markers to point that you are now about to end your write-up. Examples of this may be: To conclude/To sum up/ Drawing the argument to a close…

Write your conclusion as a summary of your points and including your own opinion.

Good Luck!!!

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