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The Difference between an A* and other Grades

Example of a structure paragraph: The example is based on the poem 0486 June 2015 poem “The City Planners’’ by Margaret Atwood.

The title of the poem seems innocent and matter of fact. However, the title highlights the focus of the poet’s anger and contempt as these are the people that she holds responsible for the stagnant, conformist societies and the destruction of our environment that is now normal to us. The poem is written in free-verse which helps to reinforce the idea of the chaos and haphazard logic of the City Planners’ thinking. Their creations lack logic and are out of touch with both nature, and limit the freedom of expression and individuality. It is also interesting that the stanza lengths decrease in size as the poem develops. This help to emphasise the idea that what we as humans create will disappear and be lost over time as nature reclaims it.

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