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Ready Reckoner: Fact Sheet for Educators and Parents Part 6 - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

ADHD results in poor executive skills and is caused by difference in the functioning of the brain. Some are hyperactive while others can be daydreamers. People with ADHD are “out of box” thinkers and some are successful entrepreneurs.

Point to note: ADHD isn’t caused by lack of discipline.

Trouble Areas to look out for:

1. Paying attention

2. Self-control

3. Sitting Still

4. Following directions/instructions

5. Managing emotions

6. Getting and staying organised

7. Keeping focus

How to Troubleshoot:

1. Structured movement breaks

2. Fidget spinners or chewing gum to help staying seated and finishing tasks

3. Breaking down the study materials into small chunks rather than studying the unit as a whole

4. Strategies to cope with anxiety which is common to ADHD people

5. Treatments like ADHD medication or Behavioural therapy

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