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Ready Reckoner: Fact Sheet for Educators and Parents Part 5 - Dyscalculia

Students with dyscalculia finds it hard to solve and understand mathematical problems or in understanding the language of mathematics. Signs of Dyscalculia emerge from preschool but of the go unnoticed and labelled as "poor in math."

Point to note: This disorder isn’t a problem of intelligence, or lack of effort.

Trouble Areas to look out for:

1. Seeing how numbers fit together

2. Counting

3. Calculating

4. Recalling math fact e.g. 3+4=7

5. Using concepts like greater or smaller

6. Telling from left to right

7. Reading the clock or telling the time

8. Mathematical symbol < > + -

9. Working with money and coins

How to Troubleshoot:

1. Teaching math with manipulative tools to visualise the concept

2. Extra time for tests and tasks

3. Math app and Calculators

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