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Ready Reckoner: Fact Sheet for Educators and Parents Part 4 - Dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia may have difficulty in reading and decoding spellings. Some may struggle with poor working memory or organisation issue. This is a lifelong difficulty and often it runs in the family. However, no two dyslexic students may show same characteristics or issues. These students have highly creative brain and are good with abstract work.

Point to note: With right support, many can become good at reading. Dyslexia isn’t a problem of intelligence, low vision, or laziness.

Trouble Areas to look out for:

1. Sounding out written word

2. Recognising common words in a text

3. Spellings

4. Reading accurately and comprehending the text

5. Rhyming, Phonics

6. Written Expression

7. Solving Math Story Problem

8. Learning a foreign Language

How to Troubleshoot:

1. Step-by-Step breakdown of instructions on the basics of reading

2. Practice repetitive tasks

3. Verbal Assessment or Word Processor instead of Handwritten report

4. Text to Speech and Audio books

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