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Ready Reckoner: Fact Sheet for Educators and Parents Part 3 - Sensory Processing Issues

Some students are much more-much less-sensitive than to others in what they hear, smell, see, taste or touch. This can also affect the balance and movement. Things like “bright light”, “loud noises” can trigger meltdowns which is beyond their control. Some others may seek sensations like “hug” or “not to be touched”.

Point to note: Children with such disorder aren’t overreacting and aren’t caused by lack of discipline or toughness.

Trouble Areas:

1. Handling changes in routine

2. Coordination and Balance

3. Trying new food

4. Managing Emotions

5. Invading personal space or playing too roughly

6. Not reacting to pain, heat, cold as expected

7. Melt down from sensory overload

How to Troubleshoot:

1. Strategies like removing clothes-tag, dimming the lights or using noise canceling headphones

2. Fidget spinners or chewing gum to help sensory seekers maintain a just right “state”

3. Quiet places or advance warnings about changes in routine, or loud noise.

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