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Ready Reckoner: Fact Sheet for Educators and Parents Part 1 - Slow Processing Speed

Students with Slow Processing Speed need more time to take in and respond to information. They might feel blindsided when they suddenly can’t keep up. It can make them “freeze up” with anxiety.

Point to note: Having slow Processing Speed doesn’t make a person lazy or less smart.

Trouble Areas to look out for:

1. Finishing Tests and Assignments

2. Making Decisions

3. Following multi-steps directions

4. Taking notes

5. Keeping up with conversations

6. Daily Routine and Transitions

7. Anxiety

8. Keeping information in mind enough to use it

How to Troubleshoot:

1. Starting Routine early to avoid rushing and feeling anxious

2. Practice repetitive tasks

3. Extra time for assignments and tasks

4. Visual Timetables

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