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Never forget the PEA (Point, Evidence, Analyse) for an A*

Example of a regular paragraph: The example is based on the poem 0486 June 2015 poem “The City Planners’’ by Margaret Atwood.

The ways we are developing our living environments is limiting our freedom and is against nature, “what offends us is/the sanities;/the houses in pedantic rows; the planted/ sanitary trees’. This emphasizes how we are being confined by the creations of the City Planners as they are imposing a false sense of order and ‘normality’ that does not allow us to express our individualism. In addition, their creations are at odds with the chaos and irregular uniqueness of the natural world. ‘Offends us’ highlights the insult the people feel as a result. The poet uses the personal pronoun (the Point)us’(Evidence) to create a theme and scenario to persuade the reader that the planners are acting in a pointless and incorrect manner(Analysis).

The repetition of ‘sanities’ and ‘sanitary’ express the idea that what the planners are doing is contradicting nature as their creations seem so perfect and artificial in comparison to the real world. The sibilant

in this quote conveys a contemptuous tone. In addition, the alliteration of the ‘p’ sound make it seem as if Atwood is spitting her words in disapproval at what the planners are doing.

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