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Mind Maps - the most useful tool for Literature Essays!

Mind maps are great way to revise the links between different factors or explore a larger topic. They can also be used to brainstorm ideas as below:

1. Use a blank sheet of paper and turn it to landscape.

2. Put the topic title in the middle of the page and build the mind maps outwards using lines called “branches”.

3. The first branch is from central topic to sub-topic; draw these as thick lines.

4. Add new branches from sub-topic to include more details; draw these as thinner lines.

5. Add more detail to a point by adding more branches.

6. This creates a hierarchy of information from “overview” (thick branches) to “finer detail” (thinner branches).

7. Write single key word or phrases along a branch and add drawings for visual impact.

8. Different coloured pens, highlighters, arrows, symbols, lots of coloured pens can be used to highlight key facts or issues.

9. Use A-3 sized paper to have a better visual impact in your study-stations.

10. Alternatively, you can use the app “coggle” to make mind-maps.

Happy Revising!

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