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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

This small section will help you to understand the meaning of the key words/phrases from the question. The question used in this example is from Cambridge IGCSE literature (English) 0486 syllabus.

“Neighbours” by Gillian Clarke referred to in this question comes from Collected Poems by Gillian Clarke by Carcanet Publications.

To what extent does Clarke make you feel that human activities are disastrous in the poem

“Neighbours”? Here, two important aspect of the question is “what extent” and “make you feel”. Let us analyse these two phrases. To what extent: This part of the question asks you to consider and evaluate the extent that the writer communicates the focus of the question. This question is asking how much Clarke communicates and emphasizes her ideas about the negative impact of human activity on the natural world (here, effect of the Chernobyl disaster) in her poem. It asks the candidates to evaluate and think about how she has used language and structure devices to express this key idea/theme throughout the

poem. Therefore, this question required us to:

POINT quotations that in some way show the disaster created in the natural world.

EXPLAIN what each quotation means and how it highlights this idea.

ANALYSE how key words and phrases in each quotations makes the reader feel about this idea.

Now let us focus on the second part in the question: ….make you feel… This part of the question is worth thinking about. How are we made to feel? Here, the question is guiding us to consider the different ways the poet’s use of language and structure devices that affect out thinking and feelings.

Hope now it is easy to comprehend questions from the paper!!!!

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