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!!!Fun with number 9 in mathematics table practice!!!

The table for '9' can be learned in various fun ways - Easy and fast way for children with learning difficulty. If we closely look at the table, the numbers read as:

9 x 1= 9

9x2=1 8

9x3=2 7

9x4=3 6

9x5=4 5

9x6=5 4

9x7=6 3

9x8=7 2

9x9=8 1

9x10=9 0

If we look at the products closely, the digits are exactly placed in ascending order series in the tens place: from 1 until 10, 09 (we don't write zero in the tens place),1,2,3... till 9.

And in descending order in the one's place (9,8,7,...,0).

With the simple cue of number arrangement from 0-9 and 9-0, the multiplication table for the number 9 can be solved.

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