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8 strategies for presenting lessons to children with ADHD

1. Provide an outline with the key concepts or vocabulary prior to lesson presentation. The students can follow along and see the main concepts and terms as you present the lesson

2. ADHD teens are easily bored. Try to increase the pace of lesson presentation. Resist the temptation to get sidetracked.

3. Include a variety of learning activities during each lesson. Use multi-sensory presentations, but screen audio-visual aids to be sure that distractions are kept to a minimum. For example, be sure interesting pictures and or sounds relate directly to the material to be learned.

4. Many teachers are now using PowerPoint presentations or Astound presentations for their students with great effect.

5. Provide self-correcting materials for immediate feedback to the ADHD student. o Use computer assisted instruction, both in terms of the student at a computer, and also in terms of presenting information via PowerPoint presentations.

6. Use cooperative learning activities, particularly those that assign each teen in a group a specific role or piece of information that must be shared with the group. o Pair students to check work.

7. Provide peer tutoring to help ADHD student's review concepts. Let students with Attention Deficit Disorder share recently learned concepts with struggling peers. Use peer tutoring whenever possible. Use older students to help your attention deficit students, and perhaps allowing him to tutor a younger student.

8. The more exciting a subject is to a student with Attention Deficit Disorder, the better he will perform in your class. Let your students know "why" learning your material is important! Motivation is key.

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