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10 Reasons why children with Dyslexia benefit from Word Processors

In today's modern world of computers and mobile phones, students with Dyslexia can definitely benefit from the advent of technology.

1. Handwriting is eliminated;

2. Typing gives the writer a chance to think about what s/he is writing unlike handwriting, where established hand movements can produce mistakes;

3. It is easier to identify mistakes on the screen;

4. The text can be changed, moved around and corrected as often as necessary until the work is acceptable;

5. Everything can be saved and reused easily, allowing work to be done in small amounts;

6. Presentation is improved, when the final version is printed it is legible and looks good;

7. Spell-checkers can remove much of the inhibition about writing that comes from poor spelling;

8. Spelling often improves greatly when students see the image on the screen;

9. Optical comfort is important. A choice of screen colours can be helpful to students;

10. Word-processing helps students to overcome their problems with organising ideas and structuring written work;

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